Click here to learn why Linux will never be a viable option for the average home user.

I have been using Linux since around 1990. I spent four years as an HP-UX system administrator, so I have learned a great deal about Unix.

Linux is a great operating system, but it is very lacking in some areas. Here are the areas that need improvement before it could replace MS Windows on the desktop.

For what they are worth, here are my install documents for Redhat Linux. They are long, and only contain some of the information that I used to get my Linux machine configured. Maybe someone will find some use from them:

Redhat Guinness 7.0 install

Redhat Valhalla 7.3 install

Redhat 9.0 Shrike install

Redhat 9.0 Shrike DST 2007 update

Linux mirror RAID 1 setup with Redhat - My Redhat 7.3 raid setup. I tested it, and I can boot from either disk if the other dies. Very cool, very difficult to get working properly. One of the hard drives has been making knocking noises for several years, so I figure that it is on it's way out.

KnoppMyth Install