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Part Number Manual
  Sinistar (Williams)

Instruction Manual

16-3004-103 Drawing Set
16P-3000-100A 19" Color Monitor Type A (Jan 1982)
16P-3000-100B 19" Color Monitor Type B (Jan 1982)
16-3000-100C 19" Color Monitor Type C (Jan 1983)
16-3000-AMD4 Manual Amendment - effect 19" Type A Monitors and New 19: & 13" schematics
16-3000-101 Raster Monitor Theory & Troubleshooting Guide (Nov 1982)

Hitachi 6809 datasheet (13 pages)

    Wells-Gardner K4900 Series Monitor Manual (K4901/06/51/56)
    Wells-Gardner K4900 Series Monitor Manual (K4901/02/03/04/06/11/51/52/53/56/56R/61))

    K4901/06/51 rev J & K4956 rev G Monitor Schematics
    K4902/52 rev D Monitor Schematics
    K4902/03/52/53 Monitor Schematics
    K4903 rev C & K4953 rev A Monitor Schematics
    K4904 Monitor Schematics
    K4911/61 rev C Monitor Schematics
    K4956RD-5838 Monitor Schematics
    Alternate Monitor Schematics (C365 is listed as 0.39/200V - This is different than all other schems listed at this site)