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"Perfect" revision

This is the revision that the Sinistar team first presented to the Williams management. The team thought that it had the best game play. Management decided that it was too easy (i.e. it could be played too long on one quarter), so the team was told to make it more difficult. Since they thought this was the best version of the game, some of them burned their own copies of the ROMS. The intended to pull them out in the future, and make the game "perfect" once again. 

Status: RJ Mical said that he has a set buried in his garage in some moving boxes.  He hopes to dig them out some day. He said that he has switched jobs several times and moved several times and his garage is full of boxes.

I have contacted Noah, and a few of the other team members, and none of them remember making a copy of this version.

ROM color: ??

ROM Label format:   ???? 

Behavior:  ??