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Revision 3

ROM color: RED  - Only ROMS 8B and 11B have an red or faded red stripe.  The rest will be from Revision 2. These ROMS were later relabeled to 16-3004-53 to 16-3004-63 and are all Red labels.

ROM Label format

ROM XX-B  (where XX is the ROM number in the range 1 through 11) 
REV. Z           (where Z is the revision number 2 or 3) 

Here are pictures of my ROMS.  My machine is running Revision 3.  Notice that I have both Rev 2 and 3 ROMS.  Revision 3 is the same as Revision 2, except that ROMS 8 and 11 have been changed. 

Note the colors.  The stripe may indicate that it was a transitionary ROM. Here, both sets seem to be transitionary, because they don't have the 16-3004-XX numbers.

I think that Rev. 3 ROMS are Orange, but it is difficult to tell because they are faded.  Rev 2. looks to be Red.  I am sure that WIlliams had a list somewhere, but who knows where that ended up.

Here are some new pictures of some more Revision 3 ROMS.


Behavior:  This is the version that ended up in most of the machines.

The default scores are the same as the AMOA version 
Survivors Today has the same pattern as Revision 2

This revision may have been a bug fix since there were only two ROMS that changed.