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Perfect AMOA Revision 1 Revision 2 Revision 3 Spreadsheet (XLS) Spreadsheet (HTML)


If you can provide me with any of the missing ROMS, please email me!!

All Sinistar ROMs are red in color, so the only way to tell them apart is by the text on the labels.

"Perfect" revision
16-3004-01 to 16-3004-11
Needed - If you have a copy of this, please email me!!!
16-3004-12 to 16-3004-22
Contained in MAME
Revision 1 (Perfect?)
16-3004-23 to 16-3004-33?
Needed - If you have a copy of this, please email me!!!
Revision 2
16-3004-38 to 16-3004-48
Contained in MAME

Revision 2 with 3 mod

Same chipset as Revision 2 except for ROM 8B and 11B.
Contained in MAME

Revision 3

16-3004-53 to 16-3004-63

This is the same as the Revision 2 with 3 mod, just with different label numbers.

The AMOA, revision 2, and revision 3 ROMS all show copyright 1982 on the attract mode message, and the ROMS contain copyright 1983.  Not sure what the other revisions show.

Not enough information?  Why not download my Revision document.   It is in Excel 97 format.  If you don't want to buy MS Excel, you can view/edit it in OpenOffice, or Sun Microsystems StarOffice. Here is the same spreadsheet in HTML format.   It is also incomplete, so please help me fill in any blanks, and fix any errors that you find.  Email me if you locate the missing ROMS, or find any errors.