This is my prediction for processor data and address bus doubling. I predict that processors with 128 bit data and address buses will not be made until around the year 2103. The growth is exponential, and the graph has been plotted on a logarithmic scale, so I think that the estimate of 2103 is fairly accurate. The 64 bit processors have recently come out and are in their infancy. There will probably be processors with 128 bit components before 2103, but my prediction only applies to having a processor with both a 128-bit data and 128-bit address bus.

I graphed some rough data that I put together of current processors. You can download that data here. That is how I derived the initial data. The only way that a processors can reach 128-bit sooner than my prediction is if there is faster than exponential growth in the processor field during the upcoming years. Keep in mind that this graph is logarithmically adjusted, and that faster than exponential growth is difficult to achieve.

If you find flaws with my data or logic, please let me know.